Top 10 Things We Learned In Business

1. Be nimble, flexible and open. Flew to Hong Kong. Got diverted to Beijing — no currency, no hotel, no contacts. Laughed, got into a cab. Hours later, took trip to the Great Wall — and checked that off our bucket list. #taketheroadlesstraveled

2. Decide upfront: There are no problems you can't solve. Work through it. Have no doubts that everything is fixable. You are never defeated. #thesunwillcomeuptomorrow

3. Laugh at yourself. Daily. Hourly. It's not a dress rehearsal down here. Enjoy the now.

4. Be genuine. Share your story. Your triumphs and your struggle. There is great wisdom in the journey. Help others find their path. #giveback

5. New York is gonna love you back. You gotta walk fast and get out of the way. But in general, there's a lot of love in the Big Apple. And magic happens there. It did for us. #ifwecanmakeithere

6. Quarterly corporate retreat. Massages required. Along with a good intention ceremony. #burnsomething #theuniverseprovides You must make time to rethink, plan and energize.

7. Yes, vegan leather is a thing. You don't have to kill anything to make something pretty. #sodon't

8. The same plant that stamps our metal plates inside your totes — also makes the Michael Kors logos. We saw it firsthand. An omen? We took it as a yes. #agirlsgottadream

9. You're only defeated if you quit. The past is over. Onward. If this were easy, everyone would be doing it. #businessaintforweasels #girlboss

10. There really is no substitute for hard work. And kindness. So GLO: Give to others, Love yourself, Own your potential. #Brilliant365

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