The Power of Disconnection


A lot of you are planning summer vacations, going off on trips to the beach, the mountains, the lake house or around the world. How expansive travel is to our minds and hearts, with the chance to fly off to another country the most exciting experience imaginable.

I remember my first visit to Italy. And since then, Tuscany, to me, remains the most beautiful place in the world. The food, the art, the culture. It's all so so bellissima.

To take all the beauty in, I hope as you head off on your own trips that you'll think about fully disconnecting from your life. From work. From life distractions that leave you burned out. And especially from your electronics.

I know many of us are addicted to our email, our social media feeds, our texting. But leaving the computer at home and putting that phone away so you can be present to all of your experiences can really offer peace and a chance for more expansive thinking.

Lately, my significant other and I have vowed to put our phones in the car's console when we set off on an errand or outing. It's not that we don't have access to the phone, but rather we're making a conscious effort to be fully present in our time together, not staring deeply into a phone screen so we don't miss an incoming message or responding to every phone call that isn't pressing. This forces a stronger conversation. And shows that our lives are not run by our devices.

Most messages can wait. And unless you're a doctor or run a business that demands your presence non-stop, you really don't need to stay connected 24-7. You just don't.

Think about forging stronger personal connections. The kind that only occur when you aren't checking your phone every 5 minutes for incoming. Consider not only your manners — who wants to dine with someone who is constantly looking and texting? — but also the value of truly seeing and listening to those in your path.

I'm afraid we miss out a bit these days on our humanity. So let's dial it back. Turn off the tech. And really take a break to let our minds run free.

I think it's a boost to your creativity. And quite possibly your spirit, personality and love life.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat — your "friends" and followers — will be there when you return. Promise.


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