A Silver Screen Flash Sale And Sweepstakes

Be Brilliant Bags silver screen award winner holding an oscar

A new year always means awards season, especially for our creatives who work in film.

It's hard to overstate the impact movies have had on our culture — truly making us laugh, cry and react with emotions that feed our souls.

From the Independent Spirit Awards — yay indies! — to the Screen Actors Guild Awards to the Golden Globes and the Oscars, Hollywood steps out in the weeks ahead to schmooze and celebrate its stars.

Did we mention the dresses? It's fashion's most-watched parade!

Since we're film lovers, we were thrilled to visit Los Angeles during our successful trip to the Emmy Awards gifting suites last August. There, we shared our bags with tons of actors, actresses and celebs who paid us big compliments on our products and also on our company's philosophy — GLO. Give to others, love yourself, own your potential.

We hope you'll ponder this message in your own life and use it in the year ahead. Reach out, be gentle, take charge and be your best. That's our wish for you.

In the meantime, we're also hosting our own little party online this month for film buffs to coincide with awards season. We're launching our Silver Screen Sweepstakes on January 22. This will give you an opportunity to follow us on social media, and tell us in a Tweet or post who you'd pick this year for best actor, best actress and best picture. Those who enter the sweepstakes and choose all three awards correctly will be entered into a drawing.

Best of all, we'll announce the winner of a new Be Brilliant Bag live from Hollywood the day after the Academy Awards show.

Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @BeBrilliantBags and enter to win. We know you're already a star in your own life and we hope to add a little sparkle with a new Be Brilliant bag.

PS: We're also hosting a Silver Screen Flash Sale online Jan. 14 - Jan. 16. All of our silver bags will be available to you at $165 with FREE shipping during those three days only. We hope you'll take advantage of this huge savings. Order: www.BeBrilliantBags.com.


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