365 Mother CEO - Organizational Superstar!

Picture from I Love Lucy sitting at a desk with papers scattered over the desk, unorganized

My friend Debbie has fears about entering a future workforce. She was a superstar ad salesperson for a decade and then stepped away to raise three lovely kids.

Now, after a tough divorce and many changes, she's made a wise decision that it's Debbie time. And many of her family and friends are applauding.

Stella, indeed, is getting her groove back. 

Debbie has CEO organization and energy. All of those skills are born of motherhood. She runs a tight ship at home, keeping everyone on schedule, focused on goals, looking ahead at good outcomes while managing a budget.

She steers the ship of the family company, so to speak. And did we mention that she's realistically cheerful - always open that right around the corner is a new day and new opportunity.

If attitude is everything, then she should be bottling her beautiful energy and light.

None of this experience she transfers to the workforce, however. But I'm fighting hard to help her see how all of her small skills frame up a perfect tableau for her future re-entry to a cool job. She has plenty of talents and they all transfer, even now.

People need Mom CEOs. They do! They run the universe and keep the wheels spinning, often quietly, but always amazing.

What great skills are you diminishing in selling yourself to the world? Personal responsibility, self-motivation and sheer will are powerful. And that's why we hope the world starts looking at these mom machines differently - and with greater respect.

Watch a busy mom spin the plates day in and day out with great finesse.

Now that is truly "brilliant."


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