A Brilliant Retreat

This weekend Marsa and I are going into our quarterly Be Brilliant Retreat.

We'll do this once every three months to take stock of where we are going as a company and to refocus our hearts on our mission of empowering women to step out of their comfort zones to become the best they can be.

Think of it as a corporate slumber party filled with meetings, reviews, walks, talks and idea-generation to help move our Be Brilliant vision along.

Sure, we're busy ladies. But taking a pause and renewing our goals is important. For us, and for you.

Do you give yourself time — set aside time — to refocus? Because you should.

In the rush-rush-rush spiral embraced by many women, energy and ideas get out of line. Women have giving hearts and often put themselves last. We know that's true.

Stopping to re-center and replenish is crucial to feeling, thinking and often looking your best. And we all want that, right? To be our best and highest purposeful selves?

Everyone has their own ideas on what grounds them. A massage, a new haircut, a picnic or trip to the shore. We're going to huddle here in Florida away from HQ to enjoy the sunshine and also share with the universe where we want to go.

We do believe the power of intention — and also prayer — go a long way to moving goals into reality. The special sauces of faith and determination also must be sprinkled in accordingly.

We'll share a couple of things we plan to do with you.

We're going to write down our intentions for Be Brilliant. We'll read them aloud. We'll burn them — symbolically sending their energy higher, casting any worries aside. And then we'll sit down together for a nice appreciation dinner where we'll share all the good things that have happened to us. With laughter and love.

For what is to come.

We just know that it's all going to be brilliant.


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