Company Motto -- G.L.O.

Picture of wonder woman from the movie wonder woman


Some women see themselves as Wonder Woman  but most women we know are WAY more powerful than that. And most powerful women know that organization is crucial for success.

Making the right presentation to the world is a part of the bargain. And when you radiate confidence, and look pulled together, your unique spirit transcends.

We hope the creativity and thought that went into our Be Brilliant line inspires other women to jump on things that are important to them  their dreams  and turn those into reality.

As someone wise pondered of life, "it isn't a dress rehearsal." But so often we dismiss, amid our busy days, the very creative or artistic pursuits that nurture our souls. In designing our bag line, we honored our very own goals of not only embracing our creative tastes but offering other women like ourselves a product that is of high quality but affordable luxury. A different kind of bag that just works.

We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy your new Brilliant Bags. And in carrying them, we invite you to embrace our company's motto  G.L.O.

Give to Others. Love Yourself. Own Your Potential.

Your Be Brilliant founders  Andrea and Marsa


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