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When Your Dream Voice Keeps Knocking

There's a saying that you've seen printed on plaques, coffee mugs and such that goes something like this: "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

It's a big notion worth discussing because often, fear of the end result stops people in their tracks and from following their dream — before they even get started.

Know this: Just because you can't see the end point, doesn't mean you shouldn't take the first step.

Often, when we make that call, open that door, start something slowly, it leads us down a path to the finish. We figure out the details along the way.

What dream knocks on your heart today? Be Brilliant began out of a conversation on a beach. During a vacation. And over a year and a half, after much thinking and also many challenges, we started this company. And made the decision to frame it around this powerful plaudit: whatever roadblocks that came our way, we'd fight back through sheer tenacity and positivity. Nothing, we said, would ever stop us from solving a problem or moving ahead.

If we'd told our company's story to someone already successful in business, they likely would have laughed. Two women starting a bag and accessories brand from scratch? They'd throw up the road blocks with admonitions about how it's such a tough sector of fashion to crack. And then followed by: Wow, that sounds like an expensive proposition.

But sometimes you gotta listen past the negatives. What would happen if you succeeded? 

Or better yet if you followed a pithy slogan for the lottery: You can't win if you don't play.

Write down your ideas, create a short outline of what you'd like do and where you might taken your dream project. Light a candle and center your thoughts and intentions. And remember: every successful project was born of an idea and then cultivated thoughtfully with positive energy.

Some of the world's most successful companies and inventions have started with one "what if" seed. Ponder how might our computer world look without the vision of Steve Jobs launching a futuristic company from his parents' garage?

A no-name from a garage changed the technology world!

What's powerful about that is while his inventions continue to amaze long after his death, his start wasn't magical or mystical at all. 

He took an idea, believe in himself then worked hard to see it through, or as we like to say, "kicking all obstacles to the curb."

The "Brilliant" message of the day: Honor your ideas. Listen to that voice knocking at your heart. 

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