Giving up Good for Great


Picture of a quote that says "What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"

I once lived in a college town that I'd nicknamed "the velvet rut."

Going to grad school was fun. The camaraderie was there. It was a hippie paradise, all comfy and slow.

 It felt, at least to me at that time, like a teeming sea of average. Staying there forever would have been easy. Conventional. Safe.

 But the tap-tap-tap on my heart said "go."

 "You must move on!"

 t was as if a higher power was speaking to me to be more, do more — expect more from my life.

What is moving you to grow? And more still, what is keeping you from opening a new door?

Sometimes taking a chance is everything. As John D. Rockefeller once said: "Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great."

The beginning might be tough. Unfamiliar. Challenging and scary. But mastering all that fear is life-changing.

Are you treading water, as you live comfortably? Or is there a small voice still saying: "You know you should … change jobs, shoot for a new career, move to a new state, live abroad, buck your family's expectations and do something YOU need to do."

 What if you succeeded? What if you stomped on the unknowns and bravely set off in a new direction.

 As one of my favorite memes attests: "What if I fail? Oh, but my darling. What if you fly?"


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