I go to seek the great perhaps

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My sweet friend Katie posts this on her Twitter bio: "I go to seek the great perhaps."

She's young and beautiful and smart, just forging an adult life, and yet her wisdom is an eye-opener, a message shared from the poet Francois Rabelais.

To me, Katie's quote means she's a seeker of possibilities, not knowing what is around the corner but being open to what might or will come her way. And how exciting is that!

There is beauty in surrender. In spinning the plates of perfection, we sometimes miss our best outliers. Things meant for us if we only life up our heads to catch the view.

This is the challenge in a world that sinks us into screens and disconnects us with humanity. We're online but not present. And we should be paying more attention. And also being flexible enough to walk a road without certainty, a world without a safety net — a world of "perhaps."

The adage: "What would you do if you could not fail?" — posted on plenty of coffee mugs, magnets and posters — is a trite but good reminder. Would you take a risk, not knowing the outcome, just to embrace the journey? Would you try, would you invest, even if something was a deep challenge and forced you to work far harder to be a success?

Would you be open to believing that the power of your risk could change your life?

Pledge to stop controlling it all. Pledge to be open to ideas, concepts, goals that are off your path.

Look outside your box and open your heart to ideas outside your current stream of thinking.

Embrace your own "perhaps."

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