Kicking Life's Ass

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I got a letter from my young friend Chloe. Handwritten. In the mail.

It's a rarity these days — putting pen to paper — but she insisted, being a very retro-inspired but highly modern woman who puts her own spin on everything she touches.

In it she candidly outlined where he life had gone over the last few months when she graduated from college and then jumped in her car and took her life to New York City.

It was rough at first. The Big Apple kicked her ass. But not for long. Now she's happily kicking it back, rocking to the challenge of change and opening her heart to all of the possibilities in the busiest and most amazing city on Earth.

She's got a good job. She's playing a band. And… she's dating two guys at once and loving the variety of being wanted. And also in control.

I love Chloe's spirit. She's quietly beautiful — learned, crunchy, musical, tech-tastic. All that anyone would want to expect from her generation, which takes it on the chin for being self-consumed and helicopter-parented to death.

She wrote: "It's hard to believe that this is my life now. I feel like I'm in love with everything."

Are you in love with your life? Or just paddling in place?

The courage to change is powerful. It's easy to stay in your self-imposed rut. But many brave souls have been rewarded by stepping out of their comfort zones — enjoying the discomfort for a time because it's a learning experience — and seeking the better life they know is out there.

Because it is.

Stop settling, fun seekers. Expect more. The life you envision in your heart is not that far off if you take that chance.

Can't see every step on your path. That's OK. No… it is!

As the adage goes: Leap. And the net will appear.


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