Make Your Biggest Dreams A Reality

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There is a store in my community that is beautifully arranged. Colorful, artful, a putterer's paradise. And one day this summer, I saw a sign there that resonated.

"I decided that the world of work is not conducive to joy-- and so I became a dreamer of dreams that come true. I'm much happier now," it read.

So much to take in with that message.

We are push and work so hard to get ahead, often neglecting not only ourselves and our families but also our spirits.

Work is not joy, although being good at something, making it a success, can be invigorating on many levels — with the right perspective.

The last part of that saying is also crucial. "A dreamer of dreams that come true."  Not just dreaming randomly, but making your biggest dreams a reality.

That's also powerful. Not working so much that you don't put enough energy behind making your own dreams jump out of your head and a part of your life.

What dreams give you joy? What steps are you taking to maximize your passions?

It's worth stopping and pondering. Over tea. In a shop. Full or pretties. And possibilities.

Maybe one day, that will be your shop. Or your artwork. Or even your beautiful handbags — evolved from a dream —  for sale on a shelf.




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