The Brilliant List -- Mother's Day 2015

Picture of a loving daughter holding hands with her mother


  1. Tell her you love her. Every. Single. Day.
  1. Ask her family members — from siblings to cousins, to grandchildren and even longtime friends — to write a detailed memory of her that they love the most. Bind them all in a journal or print them on small scrolls that she can open each week for some love and nostalgia. Sweet remembrances!
  1. Send her Blue Apron! For moms who share their love in the kitchen.
  1. Gift her the magical intersection of high-style meets function - a Brilliant Bag, of course!Because we feel sure she'll love it.
  1. What is mom's favorite color? Shower her in happiness - - - her favorite things all in her favorite hue!Wrap them all up individually in a beautiful basket.
  1. Plan for her a true mom day — from breakfast through dinner — shopping, hiking, walking, hitting a museum, the spa, the beach — wherever it is that she feels most blissful and brilliant. Make a whole day about her doing all of her favorite things, a day she doesn't have to plan a thing.
  1. Pick her up, drop her off, keep all her fave snacks on hand. Just because.
  1. French Kande - a beautiful jewelry brand we love.
  1. Have her house cleaned from top to bottom. Professionally. All the things she doesn't have time to clean or organized — from windows to floors — have those scheduled.

   10.  Surprise her with lunch at work. Or, by ordering dinner in. Or how about with a massage, a manicure, or with her fave dessert. (You're never too old for a balloon bouquet, either.) Fun is timeless.

    11.  Tell her, face-to-face, that you appreciate her sacrifices over the years in making your life good. Every mom gives up a bit of herself for her children and her family, every single day. Acknowledge those with gratitude and thank her for blessing your life with her determination, her guidance, her heart.


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