Power Of Being Present And Knowing Big Things Are To Come

Poster that says " You are about to be very good at everything!"

We had a wonderful time in Los Angeles, participating in Academy Awards events and spreading our message of empowerment. The city was awash in glamour with parties all over town as film, television, music and sports stars came out to celebrate the Oscars.

Amid the splash and buzz, we learned some lessons of our own. Chiefly, the power of staying in the moment even when you don't know where the universe is going to lead. And of staying open to possibilities and welcoming what was to come.

Soon our path turned exciting with the unexpected. We were fortunate enough to meet the fabulous John Salley, an NBA legend, and were invited on his radio and television show to talk about our company. What a fun time it was — we'll post our interview on our website soon. John's positive message of wellness and healthful living and of entrepreneurship really resonated. We'll count him a Be Brilliant friend for life.

We also connected with our new charity (more on this later) and were inspired by opportunities to give back to women — a huge part of our Be Brilliant mission. Women working together are like a giant army. The more we support each other, the more we're all lifted up.

We urge you to be open to all of your possibilities. While sometimes it can be easy to get discouraged that things aren't moving as fast as you'd hoped or you can't really see your project's next steps, staying positive and open that your intentions are being answered is better than living in fear.

A good friend counseled me one day, when I expressed concern: "Remember that worry is just your body reacting to stories you make up in your head. You body also reacts to positive hopeful images. You get to choose how you think."

Sometimes easier said than done. But food for thought. We draw energy to our projects and also push it away.

Remember that life can turn on a dime. Your biggest, best moment is often right around the corner. You must live in expectation that all your dreams are coming. And never give up when it simply isn't easy.

Keep your head down, keep working. Be the absolute star of your own show. And stay brilliant.


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