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Teaching Entrepreneurship Early

I went all Facebook fan girl the other day. One of my pals posted a video of a live number...

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Your "Side-Hustle" May One Day be your "Main-Hustle"

I met my good pal Dorothy 15 years ago nearly. She was an intern at a well-known celebrity magazine where I was working. And she joined me one evening to cover a big party with a lot of A-list talents filling up a room.

For a student, it was a big, darned deal, a heady mix of beauties and actors and even a few Academy Award-winners among this group.

"Go over there and talk to him," I encouraged her of a big-name star we hoped to chat with that evening. She balked, briefly. Her trepidation resonated.

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The Greatest Free Gift Ever!

A few years back, I made a New Year's resolution that was super powerful — and also easy to follow.

I vowed to speak every positive thought that came into my head.

If someone got into my elevator with a great dress, shoes or haircut, I was going to tell her, or even him, how much I liked it.

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Never Once Did I Give Up -- The Kendal Lesson

Never Once Did I Give Up -- The Kendal...

I fell in love with Kendal when she took a class I was teaching at the university.

She's a Turkish Kardashian, all luscious dark locks, huge eyes, fluttering natural lashes — but with a big dose of spunk and moxie that surprises.

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