The (Almost) Spring Be Brilliant List

Spring is expansive. The weather changes, the sun is brighter, moods lighten and styles shift.

So it's a perfect time share some of our fave things for the season.

What's moving you this spring, fun seekers? Here's our latest list (although it grows nearly every day.)


Picture of a commercial plane flying in the air


Travel — Nothing opens your eyes, your heart, your spirit like a trip, especially to a place you've never explored. Don't over-plan. Just jump on a plane, take some time off, rent a convertible even and see where your days take you. Permission to sleep in, to rise early, to taste wine, shop, explore. It can totally help you to recalibrate, Marsa says. Check out this website for a ticket on an airplane.  And enjoy this book, too.


Picture of a black Converse Chuck Taylor shoes


Sneakers and comfy, sporty kicks — Marsa is loving the Chuck Taylors and Andrea concurs. (Shhhhh… she owns seven pairs, but this figure could rise as we head into summer.) Her latest purchase was a candy pink color that brightens the mood the moment you lace up. Easy for walking, adding a pop of color to your leggings, sundress or jeans, the Chucks come in many designs and hues — hi-top, sunset wash (think ombre), a rubber version, even a colorful specialty sneak from Italian design house Missoni. You can also customize your own. Talk about retro but still-original footwear. Shop here.


Picture of a pink four door jeep wragnler


Jonesing for a Jeep — Marsa drives a mini-Cooper, Miss Andrea a Mercedes sedan. But they both have admitted an ongoing jones for a new Jeep. Something with a little muscle, something that screams open-air, freedom, backroads and fun. This red Wranger is just so cute and hot. Check out all the new models here.

4.Picture of diamond studded star earrings


Star jewelry — Andrea gifted Marsa a fun and inexpensive pair of star earrings for her birthday last October. They were a hit! Marsa has a thing for stars and can often be found wearing them not only on her ears but on a bracelet or necklace. Shop here for yours here.


Picture of Buddha posing with his hand in a high five position


Meditation — We know what you're thinking — who has TIME for that? But studies show it's not only good for your health and your soul but also can help ground and center you as you work on leadership skills. Marsa is a big fan. And she might be onto something. Check out this great Forbes magazine piece by Christine Comaford here.


Picture of Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme moisturizer


Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme — This is the mack daddy of all lifting-firming moisturizers. Apply after your warm shower — day or night. It soaks in beautifully, plumps you up and gives you that perfectly moisturized glow. Miss Andrea would never be without it. EVAH! Find it here.


Picture of Bobbi Brown sheer lip gloss



Bobbi Brown sheer lip gloss — Marsa swears this is the thing "for the perfect pout!" It comes in several shades for just a tiny bit of hue but some big shine. Get it here.



Picture of Animal Charity Humane Society logo


Animal charities — If you're a FOMA (Friend of Miss Andrea) it seems likely that you'll soon get a pair of these in the mail for some stylish occasion. Colorful, comfortable Elephant Pants support elephant rescue through the American Wildlife Foundation. Notes the group's website: "From 2010 to 2012 alone, an estimated 100,000 elephants were killed illegally for ivory. That's essentially 1 elephant loss every 15 mins - a 50 percent decline in population in the past 35 years. If we don't help them, they may soon be gone forever. You can help here.


Picture of Angel Cards which read Clairvoyance, Passion, and Divine Order.


Angel cards — Marsa gifted Andrea with these a while back. And they both love to start each week by pulling a new "angel" and reading its affirmation. So hopeful! We all have angels around us, guiding and supporting our time in this earthly plane. Interact with yours here.


Be Brilliant Bags Silver Body Tote

A Silver Brilliant Body Tote — It's already March. Soon you'll be headed to the shore, the Hamptons, the Caribbean (if you already haven't) and other sunny locales. While we love all our tote colors, silver is simply hot for summer. And if you're planning a trip to soak in the sand and rays, this is both hot and functional for your most bon voyage. PS: Need a perfect gift for a bride-to-be? This is simply perfect. Plus, our Brilliant brides are snapping up a silver tote for themselves and their bridal parties. What a gorgeous way to arrive at a destination wedding or on your special day. PSS: Fill it up with gifts for your bridesmaids — spa gift cards, sparkly flip-flops, a bottle of wine, beautiful potions and lotions, magazines, or even an inspirational book about love. Find it here.

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