The Power of Authenticity

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I love Easter. It's a season of rebirth and taking stock of what matters. And also of reflecting on your blessings and hopefully, ways you might be more of one to others.

One of my esteemed Facebook friends posted recently her disgust with the inauthentic people she encountered in her work life. She lamented that more and more, she ran across those who didn't care how they told their story, how they interacted or kept their word, as long as it benefitted them and their ascendance.

Our story at Be Brilliant is a true one. Yes, we did start a company from an idea hatched during a girlfriend weekend in Mexico. But it's much more than a funny anecdote that we love telling. It's a real story about two women who just stepped up.

It is not easy being an entrepreneur and starting a company. To bring a new product to market as near-outsiders in the competitive world of fashion. And yet, there is value in sharing that having high expectations of yourself and a sort of resolute, deep-down determination, really can bypass all doubts. You just must buy into the possible — every week. Week after week. And let that guide your way — even when you often can't see the path ahead.

We are authentic. In our product, where it comes from, how it's made, even taking a long trip to China to meet our manufacturers face to face and to learn not only about their operations but who they are as people. Imagine flying around the world to find a woman-owned company with strong, courageous ladies working hard, just like we are, to create something vibrant.

We are also authentic in why we created our company and our product. To help women just like us feel more confident, carrying bags that are not only beautiful but highly functional, bags that allow them to do their work with organization and ease.

We want to be those women. Who project confidence, who are honest in what we stand for, and who are strong encouragers of others who once stood where we did starting out. We hope to lead that discussion even more as we grow.

So if you are out there this Easter, thinking about how you can be a better person, about rebirth in your own life, about doing something more for your spirit — know we're right behind you. We believe you can. We're proof that you can. And we want to let you know that although new challenges are often uncomfortable and hard, there is so much growth and learning in the journey — to create, to become, to struggle and overcome.

We hope you won't let go of all your brilliant hopes and plans. As spring renews us, renew your focus and don't let your dreams wither. Let them grow!


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