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Picture of the Hollywood sign sitting on the hill in California
What an exciting week for our Be Brilliant Bags team!

We're headed off to Hollywood for events honoring the Academy Awards. As film fans, we love the Oscars, and as fashion fans, we'll be glued to all that is happening on the red carpet. Year after year, seeing our biggest stars in the most fabulous frocks never gets old!

But there's a greater message here behind the glitz. The notion of tenacity and determination. Of fighting for your goals and pushing back on the naysayers.

Most of you know the actor George Clooney. What a success he has become. From acting to producing to working as a human rights activist, it seems that everything he touches turns to gold. Even Oscar gold.

But what many people don't realize is that Clooney wasn't a success in Hollywood early on. It wasn't until he was nearly 40 and nabbed a coveted role on E.R. that his star wattage grew and he became, years later, the A-list film actor and global star that we know today.

In fact, things were so tough early on for the Kentucky native that he once had to ride a bike to get to auditions — he didn't have a car — and he even lived for a time in a friend's closet, barely keeping a roof over his head. Somehow, he knew. Somewhere, deep down, he just knew!

My point is simple. If there is a dream and a fire burning inside you — and it's not moving ahead at your pace — don't quit. Keep going. If Clooney had stopped, had given up when TV roles weren't easy for him, what might he have missed out on? I think you can see that his slow burn, his tenacity, his grit and determination, have shaped his success today. There is humor, humility and appreciation for his journey and people relate to that authenticity. Just a boy. From Kentucky. With a dream.

I was reading this week a nice story in Forbes magazine about entrepreneur Susan Petersen who started a baby shoes company with some leather scraps sewn at her kitchen table. One Etsy store later, a Shark Tank appearance (and deal that went down the tubes), she's on track for wild success, leading an entrepreneur empowerment movement and paving a path for others. All because she had an idea, held onto it like a pit bull and just kept pushing even when she wasn't sure how things might go.

She told Forbes: "I think so many times running a business is like a train barreling down the track in the middle of the night. I think the biggest mistake is trying to see too far down the track. All you have to do is see as far as your light shines. Live in the moment and try to maximize what you’re doing. No one can predict the future, and everything that you’re doing right today will inevitably change the future. Nothing will make you feel better than just doing the work.”

So this week, we are doing the work on behalf of Be Brilliant in Hollywood. We're thrilled to be here, to show off our bags and also our spirit. Here, in a city of big dreams, of Cinderella stories. Of pavement-pounding, of relentless auditioning and blind faith — that has seen so many creative spirits ahead.

We believe in us. We're shining our lights. And we hope you'll follow along as our story unfolds.

Hooray for Hollywood indeed.


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