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I have a Facebook friend named Arla and although we've never met in person, she's a real teacher in the social media space.

She's fantastic, I think, at the school of life — imparting wisdom that is both earthy and also so real.

Here's what she recently posted:

"Do you ever get so excited about a journey laid before you that it consumes your every thought? You want to hurry and get going… I know from experience that if I get too caught up in getting on with it I miss some very important things I need to learn. I focus on the end point and miss all that is right there in front of me just waiting to say 'Hey, Arla, how do you feel about this ?' I miss some subtleties that are actually something quite profound. I find myself laughing at the thought of me charging forward. We all need to move forward but sometimes we need to stop for a bit and look around us and savor right where you are. Sometimes it is just that savoring the moment I am in that gives me insight to the journey."

As our first calendar year of business comes to a close, I am pausing today to consider our journey. More than two years ago, we were two women who came up with an idea for a product and a company — on a vacation. And then we returned to the States and worked very hard to make it happen.

In the middle of sales and marketing and all of the logistics, I am stopping today to ponder all that we have accomplished and learned. This endeavor is not for the faint of heart. It's tough, frustrating, fascinating and rewarding — and I am going to dial back my "rush, rush, rush" thinking to simply acknowledge all that is and all that is to be.

We wanted to not only offer women a product that would organize their lives, but to stand for something larger: that you MUST pursue whatever dream that has been laid upon your heart. No second-guessing. You must try.

And we did. And we are here. And It is amazing.

Wishing all of you not only the blessings of this holiday season, but the courage to step up, take a chance and chase your biggest dreams.


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