Meet The BB Team

#SheLeads #SheInspires #SheAchieves

Marsa grew up in Michigan. “She packed up her potential and all she had learned, grabbed a cute pair of shoes and headed out to change a few things,” pretty much captures her vibe.  Having a wide array of career experiences, traveling the worlds of politics, music, image-consulting and retail product manufacturing, Marsa has her finger on the pulse of marketing, branding and sales in today’s world. She brings varied career experiences to Be Brilliant and rocks tremendous business acumen, has a great sense of humor and is all about having fun.  She loves to travel, and loves to travel even more with her famous circus dog sidekick, Mr. Cooper the Amazing Circus Boy. Marsa considers shopping, entertaining and gift-giving tantamount to winning the Accessories Designer of the Year at the CFDA Awards.  Creating new concepts and crafting themes and ideas with Andrea at Be Brilliant is definitely her comfort zone.

Andrea is a native of West Virginia — and yes, a proud Southern belle. Her grandmother was a horse-back riding midwife, and rode through the hills for decades delivering babies. So a little derring-do determination is rooted deeply in her genes. Her personal Twitter page notes: "Please underestimate me" - and that's both dare and personal superlative. Andrea — her closest call her "Miss Andrea" and you should, too — has had a long career as a journalist, reporting from Congress, the White House, on the campaign trail and around the nation. Her media experience has put her in the center of a hurricane and on celebrity red carpets. She's also worked as a media consultant, advising businesses on how to tell and sell their stories, and as a professor, teaching communications and journalism students how to dig up the truth and share it. Miss Andrea loves God, pink, DVF, her rescue dog Labby Sue, along with all things weird and unique — especially smart people and creative risk-takers who love to share the gifts of their wisdom.

Together, Andrea and Marsa merge their unique skill sets and talents to bring Be Brilliant Bags to life. The company's slogan, "Be Brilliant" is their wish to the world — that wherever you carry your beautiful new bag, you'll radiate confidence, determination and elegance.